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Let's talk about sex...

Before we think about breeding, and before anyone else should, careful consideration must be made as to which stud dog to use.  In the words of a great breeder: "Breeding is an art, not a science".  The dog must compliment the bitch, in temperament, type, construction and pedigree.  We are always happy to discuss your requirements, and which dog we feel would suit your bitch.  Sometimes we can recommend dogs other than our own which would more suitably compliment your bitch and your breeding program.  Breeding should be about what both dog and bitch can bring to the party, not just about using a dog based on show wins alone.


Before breeding, we strongly advise thinking carefully about the impact this could have on your life.  Do you have the time to devote to a litter of high maintenance puppies?  Do you have the time and finance to give your in whelp bitch the very best of everything to maintain her in peak condition before she has her puppies, whilst she nurses them and after the litter have gone?  Are you experienced enough to give good advice about the breed of dog you own so that you can reliably inform puppy buyers what they will be taking on?  Do you have facilities to take back unwanted puppies?  All of these questions which have to be considered carefully.  Breeding must not be done on a whim.

We strongly advise you to read "Breeding Dogs, A Practical Guide" by top breeders Stephen & Patsy Hollings, which you can purchase here.



We are pleased to be able to offer fresh, chilled and frozen semen options for all of our stud dogs with the assistance of the hugely talented Linda Mylne at Innvois, just outside Edinburgh.  We have frozen semen stored from all of our males.

Please email us and we can arrange a quote for you.







Sh Ch Rutilus Esuberante for Hundwith- PEDIGREE

A proven stud dog, Oliver is the sire of top quality offspring.  He has progeny in the UK, Slovakia, Poland and South Africa.



Sh Ch Hundwith Duty - PEDIGREE

Duty is a proven stud dog and has sired Show Champions and other top winners in the UK and abroad.




Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum JW - PEDIGREE

James is a proven stud dog.  As he is a PRArcd4 CLEAR he is suitable for use on Carrier and Affected Gordon Setter bitches.  He currently has progeny in the UK and in Italy.  Sire of Cromasaig Bedazzled - a UK top puppy and winner of a RCC from Junior.




Sh Ch Afterglow Bare Face Lie at Kanix - PEDIGREE

Face is a proven stud dog and has offspring in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil and in the USA.



General Conditions of stud use:

We ask that all bitches are Kennel Club registered, over two years of age and not to have had a litter in the previous 12 calendar months. 

Bitches should be totally fit and healthy and have exemplary temperaments. 

Needless to say, we will not entertain puppy farmers nor those interested in cross breeding!

We strongly recommend the Kennel Club system for endorsing pedigrees of puppies sold.

We are happy to chat about breeding with anyone seriously thinking about it.  Just give us a call.