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How to contact David

For stud enquiries, general breed information, handling enquiries and judging invites you can contact David as follows:

Tel (Mobile) (add 0 at the start - spam prevention):  (zero)7719 407621 (international (zero zero)44 7719 407621)

Email (replaced ~at~ with @ - spam prevention):  davidralcorn ~at~

Our 'Partners'

David's partner - David Crowther - can be contact via his website, Hundwith Weimaraners.


Marion McAngus - Greyfurs Weimaraners

Telephone 01241 860254


Jose Baddeley - Lourdace Gordon Setters

Telephone: 01543 375519

Email: lourdaceuk ~at~


Joanne Howarth - Caleydene Weimaraners & English Setters

Telephone: 01729 851748

Email: caleydene ~at~



David's partner, David Crowther, has his own website where you can find out all about

Hundwith Weimaraners


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